Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Usual Information

Daya translates from Sanskrit as compassion, and it was the name given to me by my teacher, Satya. My natal yoga tradition is Integral Yoga. It is an extremely traditional approach to hatha. I am also trained in Swan River Yoga, a vinyasa style based on Jivamukti and Anusara. Because I have had the benefit of many kinds of teachers, I teach an extremely eclectic hold-the-poses-hatha meets flow style class. There is a 15 minute Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) at the end of every class in which we tense and relax all the parts of the body systematically. Yoga Nidra is considered the crown jewel of Integral Yoga, and it is what makes this class different. You will work intensely hard but have an equally intense relatxation at the end.

SCHEDULE (as of April 2013)
Day           Time                 Place                     Style
Tues          5-615pm         Funky NOLA         Hood Flow Fundamentals (I)
Weds         530-7pm         Fair Grinds            Punk Rock Flow (II)
Thurs        530-645pm     Funky NOLA          Punk Rock Flow (II)

Fri             Noon-115pm    Mulananda (BR)  Mula Flow (all)
Sat            Noon-130pm    Fair Grinds           Hangover Flow (I/II)
Sun           530-7pm          Funky NOLA         Hood Flow (I/II)

All of my classes are offered on a sliding scale, not depending on how much money you make, but depending on how much money you have to spend on things like yoga. Here are some ways of figuring out where you might fit on the sliding scale.
$7 Functionally unemployed and barely paying the bills. (Yoga is a for real luxury.)
$9 Financial unstable, but not destitute. (Yoga is part of your health care budget.)
$11 Comfortable, but not rich. (Yoga is relatively easily integrated into your budget.)
$13 Gainfully employed. ($13 is no big deal to spend on a class.)
If you are too poor to cobble together seven bucks for class, we can talk about it. Just email, text, or call me in advance so we can work something out. If you have something to trade, it better be something good. If you are more than gainfully employed and feeling generous, please consider purchasing a full or partial class scholarship for a less financially comfortable classmate.

All of my classes include a full 15 minute yoga nidra, or deep relaxation, at the end and a brief philosophical chat at the beginning. They are also vinyasa, or flow-based, which means that we move through the poses with the breath.
Hood Flow Philosophy
Hood Flow classes are designed to take into consideration the diverse people that populate the Fairgrounds neighborhood. Jargon will be kept to a minimum. Foreign lingo will be introduced and explained. Everyone is encouraged to come together in these classes, regardless of age, weight, color, creed, sexual preference, fitness level, national origin, or religious affiliation.
Hood Flow Fundamentals
This is a class for people new to yoga, or for those looking to brush up on some basic poses. We will move slowly and focus on getting into and out of poses safely and with proper alignment. We will learn how to incorporate the breath into the poses, and to move from one pose to the next with grace, ease, and comfort. Each week we will focus on one pose, skill, or short sequence. If you're not new to yoga, this is an opportunity to work on the details of some of your basic poses.
Hood Flow (I/II)
This class will assume that you have some yoga experience, but no complex poses will be introduced without explanation. If you know the difference between Warrior I and Warrior II, you're ready for this class. The class flow will be slow, but intense. We will start and end the class super slow and easy and sweat all the way through the middle.
Punk Rock Flow (II)
This is a vigorous, athletic class that is not for the weak-minded. That being said, most of the poses won't be terribly complex, but you will hold them a long time. This a great class if you want to improve your strength and stamina. Philosophical concepts will be discussed from a straightforward, no bullshit point-of-view, and poses will be approached from the same perspective. Bring your own attitude and I'll supply the playlist.
Hangover Flow (I/II)
Out late last night? Weren't we all? Time to pay the piper, friends. This is a class that will start out slow (in case you're feeling queazy) and then build up heat to burn off all your excesses from the inside out. I'll speak softly and carry a big stick, you bring lots of water.

Bring a mat. If you don't have one that you love, then we have some. Bring a towel in case you get sweaty and a water bottle in case you get thirsty. Bring your thirst for yoga.
Massage therapy is $1 a minute with a 75 minute minimum for table work and a 90 minute minimum for mat work. I have been a massage therapist since 1997, and I am trained in many modalities including Meridian Yoga Therapy, traditional Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Thai Massage.
Funky NOLA and Fair Grounds Common Space in Nola and Mulananda Yoga in Baton Rouge.
Don't hesitate to ask. Email me at or call or text at 225.247.6499.

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