Class Descriptions

All of my classes include a full 15 minute yoga nidra, or deep relaxation, at the end and a brief philosophical chat at the beginning. They are also vinyasa, or flow-based, which means that we move through the poses with the breath.
class super slow and easy and sweat all the way through the middle.

Punk Rock Yoga (Open)
This is a vigorous, athletic class that is not for the weak-minded. That being said, most of the poses won't be terribly complex, but you will hold them a long time. This a great class if you want to improve your strength and stamina. Philosophical concepts will be discussed from a straightforward, no bullshit point-of-view, and poses will be approached from the same perspective. Bring your own attitude and I'll supply the playlist.

Hangover Flow (Open)
Whatever you did last night, Swan River Rehab is the cure for what ails you. This class is 45 minutes of sweaty Swan River style asana, 30 minutes of super laid back restorative poses, and 15 minutes of Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation). You'll leave wrung out, relaxed, and bhaktified. Think of it as hair of the downward facing dog. 

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